The idea behind Burnerz.net is a better ToDo system. We all have those projects that end up on the "Back Burner" for, well, ever, and so many other little or big projects get ahead of them. The aim of Burnerz.net is simple: to give each user a graphical representation of their current burners, with a list of back-burner ToDos to pull onto a "burner" to make it current. This representation can be shared with friends, co-workers, or bosses, to show them what they are asking you to do, and easily ask them which of these other "high-priority" projects gets pulled off of a "burner" for the newest "high- priority" project they want to pile on your plate.

The number of burners you've got is up to you. Some people can operate with eight or twelve, others may be in the 2-3 burner range. This isn't a dig or a slight, I've known some VERY successful people with 2-burner minds. It is just how they operate.

The project is in the planning stages now, the concept is to be free to users and advertising revenue driven through Google Ads, possibly with private premier ads should the market demand. The ads will be out of the way and we will work to ensure that they never appear to be part of the functioning of the website. (I personally hate the "advertisement" banners that look like a button and only say "Download" like they are part of the site I'm visiting. Won't happen here.)

Premium accounts might be available ad-free for a price, but with the planned level of non-annoyance of the ads I doubt such accounts will be in high demand.

Installation based Burnerz for enterprise may be available as well, to increase corporate security while enjoying the organizational functionality Burnerz bring.

Under Construction

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